New Year…New ME….New Makeup!

Happy Monday!! It feels like a lifetime since I last blogged, it was a crazy holiday period for me, unfortunately with the passing of one amazing person in my life, and because this is my final year of University it has been all about my exams! However, I’m back! MadeupMondays is back and I have lots in store for you for this coming year and I am so excited about it.

This year is full of new looks : going out looks, evening, daytime, classy, vintage and holiday glam. New hauls, new makeup collections, reviews and Splashout Vs Save. I would love to hear what you as my readers would like to see so please leave a comment and let me know! I love hearing feedback and advice.

Here is a sneaky peak at some things to come….

New Makeup Discovery

New Makeup Discovery

For the inner rock goddess in you

For the inner rock goddess in you

Holiday looks

Holiday looks

Holiday looks

Holiday looks

for that special occasion

for that special occasion

for that special occasion

for that special occasion

and much, much more! Sound ok? I’m also hoping for my blog to have a bit of a facelift so keep an eye out for some changes coming this way. Mondays will be drab no more!

I want to know what YOU guys got as your new year makeup goodies so I can recreate looks using products I know some of you will already have but may not know how to work with it. Lets have an amazing 2014….and if not amazing, lets make sure we look gorgeous!

I started my 2014 with the New Year, New Me diet and fitness streak…..but it is still going, I haven’t wandered from my strict low carb diet once, have been to the gym 6 days a week and I have discovered things I never thought in a million years I thought I would like, for example whole almonds, I am addicted! My reasons for telling you this….Skin! Without a healthy, balanced diet your skin will suffer, and as makeup enthusiasts who wants a rough canvas to work on? Try a 7 day water and green tea detox, no fizzy drinks, just water and green tea. It will help to clear up breakouts and will help to make your skin glow. Also invest in exfoliating salt scrub or exfoliating gloves (available from Primark from £1) and regularly exfoliate your skin after taking your makeup off. And lastly, day and night cream, it helps hydrate your skin during the night and before you put your makeup on, why not try the day cream with built in primer from Nivea? It’s affordable and is two must have products in one! This is my challenge for my readers today, trust me you will see a difference. So kicking off this new year from the base up, prep your skin for some gorgeous looks to come! Have Fun!

New Year Break

I apologise for not updating my post last week, I was travelling to Scotland and couldn’t post anything due to extenuating circumstances. I will get my Eyelure post updated this week with the codes of the eyelashes I used for each look! I won’t be posting anything next Monday due to my final uni exams taking place but I will be back with bigger and better posts to kick start 2014 in style the following week!

Happy Mondays Makeup lovers!

Eye out for Eyelashes… Christmas Special!


Merry Christmas to all my gorgeous MadeUpMondays readers! These are my looks I have created using a selection of the best selling Eyelure fake eyelashes available in most stores. which one is your favourite?! oh..and there may be a sneaky one in there…. Enjoy!

Eyelure code 114

Eyelure code 114

Eyelure code 108

Eyelure Code 140

Eyelure Code 118

Crazy, sneaky look….Au natural! No fakies here…can you tell?

Eyelure Code 118

Comment below to say which one is your favourite look!
Have a good Christmas!



Follow of the Month – December


You’ve probably guessed by the picture my follow of the month for December is Motives Cosmetics by Loren Ridinger. I didn’t do a follow of the month last month and as it is coming up to Christmas I thought I would recommend Motives Cosmetics as they are makeup retailers.
Although not all the makeup used in their Instagram photos are available from their UK online store, there is still a wide variety available and the quality is highly rated, I haven’t tried it myself though!
I like having them on Instagram as they inspire some looks I can recreate myself. They often post step by step visual guides to achieve their looks, and it’s perfect if you are a blooming makeup enthusiast.

If you fancy a virtual look book to inspire the makeup artist within you, you won’t regret this follow! Take a peek. If not check out their website

For UK costumers:

For US costumers:

Please leave comments for what you’d like to see for next weeks Christmas Special post!

Happy Monday!

New Purchase Review… M.A.C Cosmetics

So this week I made two very untimely purchases, with it being very close to Christmas. And two of the most expensive items I have in my makeup bag, my foundation and my mascara. I risked it, and tried a new product for both.

For my foundation, I usually wear Studio Fix by M.A.C cosmetics in NW 20. I love it because it has great coverage, lasts for hours and has a nice matte finish. However, I fancied a more hydrating foundation and I wanted to try a foundation that left a dewy finish, to look more fresh! So I was directed to Studio Sculpt again by M.A.C cosmetics in NW20. I have to say…. I LOVE it! My skin feels so much healthier, and despite the good coverage, once on doesn’t feel too heavy on my skin. The only downside is it is a few quid more expensive than Studio Fix but I feel there is actually more in the tube and I prefer it, so would be happy to repurchase again…. Just when my bank balance is happier!

Now on to the mascara, I usually wear Chanel Inimitable Intense and I adore it. Been investing in it (as it comes with a £24 price tag) for over a year now, but you get what you pay for! This week I could not afford it, and actually fancied a try of something new. And speaking of new, M.A.C brought out a brand new mascara, which I was told by their representative, was “amazing” Extended Play Gigablack Lash

Well unfortunately, I feel the build up let me down. I am not happy with it at all. The brush is stiff, and although does elongate my lashes, it doesn’t brush up with previous mascaras they have brought out. It seems to me they have gone backwards with their development, the brush is a basic, bog standard brush and doesn’t do anything for my lashes at all, it doesn’t volumise or separate. The only positive I can say is that it is long lasting, and doesn’t flake, but it definitely is not worth the £18 price tag. I feel I was directed to buying it for their commission rather than the care of their customers, which is a shame because M.A.C is by far, my favourite brand! I would advise against this mascara, but you can go in and ask to try it out, see for yourself if you like it, but personally I will be saving my pennies from now on for my ever doting Chanel!

Overall, Im still content with my purchases, I just wish they could have ran out in a few weeks time so Santa could have brought them!

Festive Fabulousness!

Happy Monday my fellow Makeup lovers! Today is all about another festive christmas look, and it’s classic, understated glamour. This look has been made a staple makeup look by the ever so beautiful, and ever lasting idol that is Marilyn Monroe, and it’s Hollywood background makes it an instant stand out, gorgeous look. It is none other, but the Hollywood Red.
It’s perfect for this season because it matches the festive colour scheme and is so versatile, because people tend to wear the neutral colours with sparkle to parties and functions.
Always match a red lip with simple, simple eye makeup, and base makeup.

For the base, I prefer an illuminating foundation for this look rather than a matte, because it looks more glamorous, but it’s your preference. Use a sheer powder and contour with a little bronzer. Add highlighter, such as High Beam by Benefit to the cheek bones, brow bone and the top of your top lip. For the eyes, use a neutral, cream shadow, the Ever After palette from MUA Cosmetics has 12 gorgeous neutral shades, I use Bare on my lid and Fade in the crease. Use eyeliner for a THIN black line on your upper lid, cat flick outward. Finish with a nude eyeliner on your bottom inner lid and favourite black mascara.
Now for the lips! Line your lips with a red liner complimenting in colour to your choice of Red lipstick (see my Roaring Reds post to see what red you should go for, for your skin tone). Then simply, carefully, with a lip brush add your red lippy, and you are all set to go! It’s such a simple look, but stands out so much.
Here’s my little look….

I used Studio Sculpt by MAC Cosmetics in NW20 as my base. Matte Bronze by MAC also. I highlighted with High Beam (see above) for my highlighter. MUA Ever Afterpalette (see above for details) on my eyes for shadow, Rimmel London Gel Eyeliner in 001 black and Extended Play Gigablack Lash new mascara by MAC. For my lips I lined with Redd lip pencil by MAC and used 01 Lasting Finish lipstick from Kate Moss’s range for Rimmel London.

I personally love this look and I know I will be sporting it this season, will you?

all marked images are my own, others are courtesy of google

Keeping up with the Fashionistas

So it has come to my attention through some lovely Fashion bloggers that pastels are the season colour to have. With baby pinks, blues, greys and creams all hitting the catwalk, I thought I would do a post today to show how you can flatter this trend with your makeup.
It’s easy, when wearing pale colours, to make your makeup too bold, but I have one rule, if its a pastel colour either go completely neutral makeup, with maybe a bolder lip, or keep to light slate colours on the eye and a lighter lip. My favourite look to accompany pastel clothes with is a light, slate grey eye, with a pale, frosty pink lip.

I don’t feel it’s too much and still stands out enough and the best bit is you can just glam it up by adding fake eyelashes, if your party outfit is a pastel shade.
I firstly use a light, neutral base all over my eye. I use a light slate grey colour and start in the outer corner creating a slight wing shape, and blend across the lid. Using the same eyeshadow I use a fine eye brush and line the crease of lid and blend. Use a little under the eye, finish with some mascara and a nude lip, mine being a nude pink colour.

At the minute I love Marks and Spencer’s Copper Matte eyeshadow from their Limited Collection.

If you have a darker skin tone I would use lighter neutral colours rather than going for greys, keep with creams and light bronze shades.
The trick to complimenting pastels is to keep it subtle by not using eyeliner and bold lip, cheek and eye colours.

Take a peek at a brilliant beauty blog to keep up with the fashionistas and how to mix my makeup looks up with your wardrobe!

The Student Sartorialist
Happy Monday!