Winner look of the Week

Recently I’ve been noticing a certain trend emerging, one I didn’t expect or would imagine looked good, but it looks flawless! My favourite look this week is the orange trend that has taken over this summer. I saw a post on Instagram from another makeup lover Amrezy and I LOVE the look!!


It’s fresh and so brilliant for the summer! So to recreate it, here’s a few products you could use.

If you’re on a budget use neon Uv reaction orange eyeshadow by Stargazer it’s cheap and cheerful and is great for the base of the lid. Another great budget choice would be Chrome eyeshadow Ces15 orange by Nyx Cosmetics. If you want to splash out try Pure colour eyeshadow in orange pop by Estee Lauder.
For underneath the eyes use a lighter orange/tan tone with a slight shimmer, such as dd39 by Barry M.
Add a white shimmer eyeshadow to the inner corners to the eyes to highlight. Virgin from the Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette would be a good choice if you have that at hand. If not dd27 from Barry M is a cheap choice with a great finish.
Finish the eyes with a small line of eyeliner on the lid, some subtle fake eyelashes and a luck of mascara.

The main trick here is all around using the right tone of blusher to get that tanned glow shimmer. Do not use a pink based blusher, try use a tan/orange based blusher. Boujoir Paris have a great selection that have great finishes. Why not try pot 38 velouté de pèche or 72 tomette.

For the lips, the makeup artist used Melted Coral by too faced cosmetics. But any orange based lippy would be good. On a budget? Why not try Coral in Gold by Rimmel.

Hope you have fun recreating this look! Happy Monday!

A Quick Find ……

So the one thing I hate and love about make-up is that there are sooooo many brands to choose from, how are we ever meant to find what’s great for what?! So to make it easier for some I have decided to devise a list of high street and designer brands and what I think is great to buy from which one. This is based solely on my opinion and the opinions of friends and family but comments are welcome to widen the advice and information for other readers!


Okay so I have a couple favourites, firstly my number one and first recommendation to ANYONE is the Match Perfection concealer highlighter combo. It’s affordable, durable, does what it says and it’s easily blend able and has the benefit of two products in one! I don’t know about you but I think wherever you can save a penny or two is definitely a bonus, especially now that some brands are continuously upping their prices on popular products.
The other favourites from here are the nail polishes. £2.99 is the average pricing and again an absolute bargain for a ‘quick fix’. When I’m low on the penny situation but still want flawless paws this is where I head to!


Okay this high street brand is a little more pricey than Rimmel but I promise their little blushers are sooooo worth the extra mile. They last longer, despite the questionable small pot it is packaged in, and it has a delightful highlight that just finishes the perfect summer look! They have a lovely range of tones that suit every skin tone. I have strayed to explore other blushers but I have to say this brand is my favourite. The bronzer tones are also great for the summer due to the highlighting quality so if you want a cheeky purchase before your holiday I recommend this one!


You’ve seen the stands, the in-your-face cardboard advertisements about one little product from this brand…..and at first I was skeptical. I believe a product, if as good as it seems, should speak for itself, it shouldn’t take over the top advertising, but in this case this product lives up to the expectation. The product I’m talking about, is the Real Lashes mascara range. This little silver tube transforms mediocre looking lashes to luscious long, volumised beauties that just make the person’s eye pop! It retails for around £19 , so in the upper range of high street products but ohhhh so worth it!
The other products I would recommend from this brand would be the Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow foundation. I had a little episode of breakouts and this made my skin feel amazing again! It’s £26.50 but worth it to clear your skin up!


If you’ve read my blog from the beginning you know what I’m about to say…..MASCARA!!! I looooovvveee their Inimitable Intense in black it’s just so perfect in so many ways. I used it for ages and my mum is a returning customer again and again. It’s long lasting, and just does exactly what a mascara should do. I have no quirks with this product and that is rare!
The other product I would recommend would be the Rouge Coco Shine great range of colours and it’s not sticky, has a great feel and look. It may not be the longest lasting lipstick in the world but it certainly does the trick when it’s on. It’s one of my cheeky treat buys when I have a good payday!


Again MASCARA! At the minute I keep returning to their Hypnosé Drama I just love the shape of the brush and just grabs my lashes in the right way. It can be clumpy when you first get it but just make sure you take off the excess before applying and you get round this little snag.


Everybody know I adore M.A.C. One pure reason is that it is great for my base makeup. It’s kind of higher end prices but foundation is a luxury I think. I love their Studio Fix Fluid for a matte finish, it’s great for day wear, however if you want to have heavier coverage go for the Studio Sculpt it’s not too thick but still maintains a great coverage, and is very long lasting!


If you want to perfect your eyebrows at a bargain price get their brow kits, retailing for under £6!! In three shades so you can find what’s perfect for you. This is a great little brand for cheaper makeup. I would highly recommend their lipsticks as well that don’t feel like cheap tat….despite the amazing pricing!


Eyeshadow palettes!! They are such a bargain for £4 and everyone is lovely not just 3/12! Also their £1 lipsticks are surprisingly handy and nice to wear! I have gone back and bought a few when I’m running low on money.
They also have a great gel eyeliner range that retails for under £3 and come in a range of colours that suit any occasion. My last recommendation from this brand would be the kohl eyeliners, they have built in sharpeners that are oh so very handy!

I hope this helps to direct you to the best brands for you! Happy Monday!

Summer Prom Look

So it was my younger sister’s prom the other week and I have to say how proud I was watching her take all her photos she truely looked like a beautiful young woman! It’s crazy how quick you grow up without realising. Anyway, she had asked me to do her makeup for her so I thought I’d share with you a lovely light prom look that can be used for any special occasion.

The Dress Scenario
The dress my sister wore was a simple, elegant long black dress that had a lovely respectable V-neck shape and was slightly backless. Black is the best to mess about with makeup but I decided because she is blonde and only 16 I wanted to keep it light and simple.

The Base
For the base I used the hydrating primer moisturiser first by Nivea as I love it under my makeup and its not oily at all. I then used her own foundation which was from the Barbara Daly Collection which you can find in any Tesco superstore. For young skin it’s great and the colour match was much more suited than any other she has tried. It didn’t have a matte finish which was great because I wanted her skin to look almost airbrushed in photos, and matte foundations don’t work as well as others for this. I then used a simple highlight and concealer combo from Rimmel just on her cheek bones and line of her nose and blended. I then set with a light dab of sheer powder from MAC. I then used Matte Bronzer from MAC to lightly contour the face, and to finish a light brush of blusher from Bourjoir which are great because they are illuminous.

The Eyes
For her eyes I prepped with eye primer from E.L.F Cosmetics. I used the Urban Decay Palette 2 for the whole look. I used Virgin in the corner of the eye and highlighted the brow bone. I then used Sin all over the lid and shadowed with Buck. A thin wing shaped line of any eyeliner that’s durable and some simple fake eye lashes, a set from No.7 were used for this look and it just finishes the look perfectly. A quick dab of clear or pale pink lippy or lip gloss and you’re good to go!


Hope you think she looks as beautiful as I do! Happy Monday!

New Make-Up Haul Review


Hello Make-up lovers! I’m back! I’ve finished university and I now have the time to get back to blogging. It’s been crazy the last 6 months and I’m so proud I passed my degree with 2:1 honours. My graduation is next week so I’m sure I will upload a post about what look I am going for….definitely sophistication.
Now a couple of months ago I was directed to a website that stocked makeup goodies and decided I wanted to try out this new brand and see for myself if they worth the upmarket prices. Well, they are! The company is called Amway but the makeup line is called Artistry Makeup. The company prides itself by making a cosmetic range that is scientifically tested to make sure it’s good for your skin, so like a skin care range and makeup line in one!

I got sent two different foundations and an illuminating powder set. I was impressed just by the packaging, it looks upmarket, sleek, simple and elegant, and that was before I opened the box. One foundation was called Ideal Balancing Foundation and retails at around £20 for UK buyers and $24 for overseas. It is a liquid foundation with built in SPF 20 protection.


The first thing I have to say about this foundation is how good it feels on my skin! It feels so light, almost like I’m wearing nothing at all. It has great coverage, which can be built up for a heavier night look, however I just used a small amount and still saw great results.


I got it in Ivory which matched perfectly to my skin tone. Another great point about this foundation is that it’s so easy to work with, it’s not sticky and heavy, so you don’t have to use lots of it. I think for the price it is definitely worth it, and I would recommend it for all skin types. It doesn’t have a matte finish, but that can be easily altered with a sheer powder.

The other product I got from the artistry range was an Illuminating Powder which you can use to help sculpt your face by highlighting and contouring key areas.

I have to say I really love this product, it’s a soft pink shimmer so isn’t too obvious which is great as some liquid highlighters are just too much. It’s great for a subtle look during the daytime. I think it retails around the $15-20 range, and although there are cheaper products available in the market I do think this is worth the small investment.

The last product I’m going to review was from Amway again but from another cosmetic range called Beautycycle.


This product was an oil free liquid foundation with built in SPF 15 UVB/UVA protection.


I will start off with the good points….it has GREAT coverage, and is perfect for going out as you get more for less. Again this product retails for around £20, $24. It doesn’t feel oily, as it says its oil free, so is suitable for oily skin types which is great! However, there are some negatives that I found. I don’t think it’s easily workable, and I had to use more than I usually would to cover my face as it absorbs so quickly, reminds me of the same consistency as Estée Lauder’s double wear foundation, and also I got it in medium 20, which is slightly too dark for my skin tone (but that’s my own fault!). I have seen many reviews that disagree and love this product so it just depends on the person. It does look great but I personally think it feels quite heavy, however I would use it going out as the coverage is fantastic.


All in all I would definitely recommend these products, I feel I have come across a nice little find! The prices are good for the quality of the product, and I would say the Artistry products are packaged nicer than the more expensive MAC cosmetics I love to use. The only snag with these is that they are only available from the Amway online store, but I’m sure tester products should be available.

If you would like to have a gander the shop can be found at Amway just locate the beauty and makeup section and anything can be ordered and delivered in and out of the UK through a sales representative, as they are only available exclusively online so please contact Ben Warnock on his email to order or to gain some more information.

Happy Monday!

New Year…New ME….New Makeup!

Happy Monday!! It feels like a lifetime since I last blogged, it was a crazy holiday period for me, unfortunately with the passing of one amazing person in my life, and because this is my final year of University it has been all about my exams! However, I’m back! MadeupMondays is back and I have lots in store for you for this coming year and I am so excited about it.

This year is full of new looks : going out looks, evening, daytime, classy, vintage and holiday glam. New hauls, new makeup collections, reviews and Splashout Vs Save. I would love to hear what you as my readers would like to see so please leave a comment and let me know! I love hearing feedback and advice.

Here is a sneaky peak at some things to come….

New Makeup Discovery

New Makeup Discovery

For the inner rock goddess in you

For the inner rock goddess in you

Holiday looks

Holiday looks

Holiday looks

Holiday looks

for that special occasion

for that special occasion

for that special occasion

for that special occasion

and much, much more! Sound ok? I’m also hoping for my blog to have a bit of a facelift so keep an eye out for some changes coming this way. Mondays will be drab no more!

I want to know what YOU guys got as your new year makeup goodies so I can recreate looks using products I know some of you will already have but may not know how to work with it. Lets have an amazing 2014….and if not amazing, lets make sure we look gorgeous!

I started my 2014 with the New Year, New Me diet and fitness streak…..but it is still going, I haven’t wandered from my strict low carb diet once, have been to the gym 6 days a week and I have discovered things I never thought in a million years I thought I would like, for example whole almonds, I am addicted! My reasons for telling you this….Skin! Without a healthy, balanced diet your skin will suffer, and as makeup enthusiasts who wants a rough canvas to work on? Try a 7 day water and green tea detox, no fizzy drinks, just water and green tea. It will help to clear up breakouts and will help to make your skin glow. Also invest in exfoliating salt scrub or exfoliating gloves (available from Primark from £1) and regularly exfoliate your skin after taking your makeup off. And lastly, day and night cream, it helps hydrate your skin during the night and before you put your makeup on, why not try the day cream with built in primer from Nivea? It’s affordable and is two must have products in one! This is my challenge for my readers today, trust me you will see a difference. So kicking off this new year from the base up, prep your skin for some gorgeous looks to come! Have Fun!

New Year Break

I apologise for not updating my post last week, I was travelling to Scotland and couldn’t post anything due to extenuating circumstances. I will get my Eyelure post updated this week with the codes of the eyelashes I used for each look! I won’t be posting anything next Monday due to my final uni exams taking place but I will be back with bigger and better posts to kick start 2014 in style the following week!

Happy Mondays Makeup lovers!

Eye out for Eyelashes… Christmas Special!


Merry Christmas to all my gorgeous MadeUpMondays readers! These are my looks I have created using a selection of the best selling Eyelure fake eyelashes available in most stores. which one is your favourite?! oh..and there may be a sneaky one in there…. Enjoy!

Eyelure code 114

Eyelure code 114

Eyelure code 108

Eyelure Code 140

Eyelure Code 118

Crazy, sneaky look….Au natural! No fakies here…can you tell?

Eyelure Code 118

Comment below to say which one is your favourite look!
Have a good Christmas!